Trends for Girl – Spring/Summer 2021

Do you want to know everything that is on trend this season? We present the latest trends and innovations in the spring-summer collection for girls.

The boho style dress is one of the most significant garments. It is loose and has motifs that evoke nature, asserting the value of artistry. You can find it with delicate embroidery, ethnic elements and even with patchwork. The dress with puffed sleeves also is noteworthy, playing with volumes in designs with romantic inspiration.

New silhouettes of trousers emerge. Such as flares, bell-bottoms; paper-bag with a high waist, terry cloth and ribbons; wide-leg, wide, culotte-type. The volume triumphs in slouchy trousers with elastic bottoms.

Pleated-waisted shorts stand out in structured looks with a formal character, and cycling shorts in acid colours bring vibrancy and freshness to the sportiest outfits.

The simplicity and clean lines of minimalist overalls in toasted colours contrast with waterproof jackets of futuristic inspiration, with iridescent and metallic finishes.

Ribbon decorations appear on dresses and T-shirts in a maxi version. Pleats are incorporated into the designs in flattering lines with summery prints.

Vichy expresses itself to the fullest. Also called gingham, this print increases in size in dresses and outfits in which the combination of black and white or navy blue is dominant. Washing techniques such as deep-dye, tie-dye and colour gradients emphasise pieces of clothing that stand out because of their originality.

Although there are trends for all styles and occasions, you're sure to have a favourite for your looks. Discover all the options for this spring-summer in our collection. We are waiting for you!