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Mayoral reduces the carbon footprint of its maritime imports by 90% thanks to Maersk ECO Delivery

Mayoral continues to bet on sustainable initiatives that contribute to reducing the environmental footprint that it generates in its field of action.

Given that an important source of emissions comes from the transport of garments, Mayoral took a further step in its commitment to the planet through an alliance with logistics provider Maersk in 2022 that has made it possible to reduce the carbon footprint of maritime imports thanks to the Maersk ECO Delivery service. In fact, in 2022 emissions per container have been reduced by 90% compared to the previous year.

This agreement, active since January 2022, is applicable to all Mayoral containers and provides direct carbon savings. It consists of the use of carbon-neutral biofuel in Maersk’s ocean transport network as an alternative to fossil fuels. The use of this fuel means immediate savings in CO2 emissions.

For each Maersk ECO Delivery container contracted, the amount of biofuel necessary to neutralize the carbon footprint of transporting said container is used. The biofuel is certified by the ISCC (International Sustainability and Cargo Certification) and the emission savings are calculated in accordance with the GLEC (Global Logistics Emissions Council) methodology.

Since most of Mayoral's imports are carried out by sea, this cooperation guarantees to reduce the carbon footprint efficiently.