Friends of the environment

At Mayoral, year after year we strive to incorporate new sustainability policies into our working practices.

Within the company, there is a clear and full awareness of the ever-growing need to look after the planet, on the basis of which we have been developing different actions for years. We have the firm intention of promoting positive change and leaving children with a cleaner and healthier world in which to live.

We have established different measures to achieve important energy savings and to reduce our environmental impact. Currently, we are developing a complete plan for the progressive elimination of plastics. Furthermore, we aim to reduce energy consumption as the next objective at our new distribution centre through a photovoltaic panel installation project.

In recent seasons, the use of fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles, organic cottons and other fibres with sustainable origins have all been incorporated into our collections.

We want children to inherit a clean planet in which they can develop and grow in a healthy way. It is essential to teach children about the importance of respecting and protecting our planet.