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My First Steps, the perfect footwear range for little ones

We want your little one's first steps to be assured and determined, so that nothing stops their desire to discover the world! For this reason, we have created the My First Steps footwear collection, to provide your baby with maximum comfort and safety at this crucial stage.

The shoes in this collection feature a lightweight sole that has a slight toe and heel lift to help protect their feet, as well as a flex area on the instep that allows natural foot movement. Another point to note is the removable thermoformed insole with an ergonomic shape and a “comfort shock” system in the heel that allows greater cushioning and comfort.

The fit, insole and lining on all of the My First Steps shoes are made using chrome-free leather. Furthermore, all decorations are chemical-free and safe for children.

Easy to take off and put on thanks to velcro, zip and lace fastenings, the My First Steps footwear is perfect for young children. The soles are also made with flexible materials and have a non-slip finish for a safe, secured step. With sizes ranging from EU 18 to 23 and a variety of designs for all kinds of occasions, the shoes in this collection are perfect for children to start walking.