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Sustainability news

Conscious of contributing towards the sustainability of the planet, at Mayoral we have spent years developing different actions and methods with the firm intention of promoting positive change so that children can inherit a better world.

The use of sustainable, organic and recycled fibres in the manufacturing of our collections reinforces our commitment to sustainable fashion. Our gift bags and envelopes come from controlled and responsibly forested land that is PEFC and FSC certified; furthermore, they are printed with water-based inks, which are more environmentally friendly. Likewise, the labelling of our garments is done on recycled paper.

Our stores and facilities have LED lighting and our distribution centres aspire to energy self-consumption as the next objective, through photovoltaic panels. In shipments, the use of plastic has been reduced by eliminating the strapping on the boxes and bubble wrap included within. Furthermore, by adhering to the Ecoembes GIS system, we have managed to reuse 450,000 cardboard boxes per year.

We have implemented sustainability policies in different areas of the company and we do not stop in our efforts to incorporate new measures in the short term, which bring us closer to a more responsible future with the planet.