Mayoral collaborates with the Ecomar Foundation to take care of our seas and oceans.

This season we are joining forces with the Ecomar Foundation to raise awareness among everyone of the importance of protecting and caring for our seas and oceans.

Ecomar is a foundation with more than 20 years of experience, whose mission is to generate a positive impact on the planet and provide solutions to the environmental problems of the marine ecosystem. It develops its activity with an educational and pedagogical purpose, focused on the pillars of solidarity, sustainability, sport, healthy living and environmental awareness.

As in Mayoral, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the roadmap for all its actions. Its cross-cutting work influences multiple SDGs, such as Health and well-being, Quality education, Gender equality, Industry, innovation and growth, Responsible production and consumption, Climate action, Partnerships to achieve goals and Underwater life, the main raison d'être of the Ecomar Foundation.

Through the coastal clean-ups that we will carry out in the coming months in collaboration with the Ecomar Foundation and the commitment of the volunteers who join this initiative, we will collect the waste abandoned on the beaches to prevent it from returning to the sea and it will be separated for proper processing. Our goal is to contribute towards the collection of one tonne of waste in 2022.

However, as the Ecomar Foundation states, "the awareness-raising message that participants take home is more important than the waste to be collected". Eighty per cent of coastal waste is generated inland. It is necessary to replace the throwaway mentality with more sustainable alternatives such as recycling and reuse in order to achieve a better world.

You too can be part of the solution, join the change!